Shooting Lessons with Philip Thorrold

Fine-tune your technique with Philip Thorrold, former World champion and professional shooting coach with more than 50 years of experience.

Philip has been providing professional tuition since 2004 and can help you and your guests with your technique on the day to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience. Don't worry if you don't have your own gun, we offer gun hire at an additional cost.

Our aim is to encourage newcomers who have not had the opportunity to shoot before so non-shooters have a great chance to learn the basics from one of the most experienced clay shooters in the world in a friendly, safe and enjoyable manner.

Philip's Shooting Career

Philip has won a long list of titles during his illustrious career including:

Senior World Compak Sporting Championships 2017 1st
Beretta World Sporting Championships Runner Up 2018
British Open Sporting Juniors 1st
British Open Sporting Side/Side 1st
British Open Sporting (x2) 1st
British Open FITASC Sporting 1st
NSSA European Iron Man Skeet Germany (399/400) 1st
English Open Skeet 1st
English All Round 1st
Beretta World Sporting Open (x2) 1st
FITASC Compact Sporting European (198/200) 1st
F.E.D.E.C.A.T Compact/Sporting World Championships Moscow 1st
Suffolk Open DTL (100/300) 1st
Former England Team Member Sporting
Former Great Britain Team Member FITASC
Former Great Britain Team Member Compact Sporting
CPSA CLA Champion of Champions 2011
English Open Sporting - 1st in Veterans' 2022
Beretta World Championships - 1st in Veterans and 2nd overall 2022
Suffolk Sporting Championships - 1st Overall and 1st in Veterans 2022
British Open English Skeet Championships - 1st in Veterans 99x100 2022
The Pro One Challenge - Joint 1st in Veterans 2022
English Open Sporting Championships - Runner-up and 2nd in AAA 2023
The British Open Sporting Championships - 1st in Veterans and 3rd Overall 2023

Philip's extensive experience has also led to him developing innovative clay traps specially designed to simulate the flight of all different species of game.

On the day you will shoot clays that are being launched at many different speeds, heights and trajectories - all from traps Philip has designed to make your experience as realistic as possible.

To find out how Philip can help you or check his availability please email [email protected]

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