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Jessica Thorrold

Jessica will be your guide throughout a thrilling day at Quidenham Estate Shoot. She spent many years of her childhood with her father, Philip, feeding pheasants and helping to rear ducks and partridges on the family farm game shoot.

At the age of 10, Jessica learned to shoot with a 4/10 shot gun and began going along to clay shooting grounds where she started to gain valuable experience and knowledge of the sport. By 14, Jessica and her brother Ben were travelling around the world with their father as he competed in major championships. This also gave her a greater understanding of different hunting and shooting traditions as well as cultures around the world.

Jessica now runs the successful Quidenham Estate Shoot as well as being head of promotion and events at the Philip Thorrold Shooting Academy.

Managing Director

Jessica Thorrold

Shoot Instructor

Philip Thorrold

Philip Thorrold

Philip is renowned as one of the world’s top shooters with over 50 years’ experience. He has won a variety of World, British and English Sporting and Compak titles during his professional career as well as being a former member of both England and Great Britain teams. He has also now been a professional coach for almost 20 years.

On most Quidenham Estate Shoot events, Philip will be on hand to offer guidance and advice of your technique if required. Many of the traps releasing the clays on the day have been specifically designed by Philip, using his many years of experience to develop the most realistic simulation possible.

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