FAQ Quidenham Estate Shoot



In short, a Simulated Game Shoot is carefully designed to replicate the feel of a live game shoot.  When shooting live game, the birds are ‘driven’ or encouraged to fly over the guns. 

Our simulated version of this uses clay targets instead of birds but their path and speed will be very similar to the real thing, replicating the flight patterns of pheasant, grouse and partridge so you experience the thrill of the chase without having to shoot a live bird. 

Ideally yes but not necessarily.  We offer gun hire for an additional cost.  If you are a beginner or novice shooter, please let us know when you book as you will need to be supervised.

If you have your own licensed gun, please bring it along with you.

If you are bringing your own gun, it should already be licensed so please bring it with you on the day as we will ask to see it.

If you hire one of our own guns, there is no requirement to have a licence as we are permitted to offer our services to members of the public who are not licensed.

Please be aware though that if you are banned from using a firearm as a result of serving a custodial prison sentence then you are not able to take part in an event of this nature anywhere in the UK.

To help the environment, we only allow the use of fibre wad cartridges so please bring them with you.  Alternatively, you can buy fibre wad cartridges from us on the day.

Broadly, we would suggest you dress suitably for a day out in the country at the time of the year your event takes place.  You will need comfortable and sturdy shoes or boots but bear in mind we will also be breaking for a nice lunch so a change of clothes and footwear would also be a good idea.

Don’t worry about any safety gear though as we provide you with safety glasses and earplugs to use throughout the day.


Your safety, and that of everyone else in the group, is of paramount importance so we would encourage you to listen very carefully to the shoot briefing and safety instructions given at the start of the day and follow them closely.

Ensure you are on the correct peg assigned to you.

Mobile phones should not be used when you are on the peg.

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