About Us

Managed by Jessica Thorrold, Quidenham Estate Shoot offers the ultimate in simulated game shooting in the UK.

The location is stunning and the perfect escape for those living in the city or a welcome retreat for those close by. Situated in a vast expanse of beautiful Norfolk countryside we are just 70 miles from London with excellent access for major road and rail networks and only 10 minutes from the A11.

Covering 3,600 acres, Quidenham Estate has been renowned as a perfect shooting location for centuries and today boasts 500 acres of mature woodland with over 40 high quality drives. Our simulated game days provide a truly memorable and realistic experience.

Bespoke clay traps

Philip's unrivalled experience is combined with Bowman clay traps which produce targets speeds up to 85mph.

We have designed a unique system to replicate all types of game birds you would see in the field. Our custom-build hydraulic operated platforms are designed to work off JCB teleporters which manoeuvre throughout the Estate ensuring you never shoot in the same place twice.

The Bowman traps are totally adjustable with tilting side ways and horizontal with adjustable release springs to show targets hovering in the air.

Once attached to our custom-build platforms which rotate 180 degrees up and down and side to side, we can produce any distance, angle or speed a team of guns may desire. This ensures any shooter, from novice to highest standard, can test their skills and improve their standards while enjoying a great day out in one of the finest shooting Estates in the UK.

Unspoilt countryside

We go the extra mile at Quidenham and only launch eco-friendly and carcinogen-free clays which are biodegradable. We also insist that only fibre-wad cartridges are fired and collect cartridges after every shoot which are then fully recycled.

Our friends at Muddy Footprints recycle our used cartridges and create handmade coasters and other gifts from them.
Quidenham Estate Shoot - Estate Map

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